Honda Siel Cars India to suffer due to Thai floods

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The Thailand floods seem to have taken its toll on the Indian auto industry too. Honda Siel Motors India is the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese auto giant. Honda motors and its Indian unit recently stated that production will be severely effected in the month of December 2011. This is due to the decline in essential supplies from the firm’s suppliers in Thialand, who have been victims of the flood. The firm seems to be prepared to face its worst month as far as production is concerned.

Honda has already stopped the production of its City sedan. The Brio might also have to face the same if conditions worsen. The production capacity of the firms manufacturing plant will be cut down by a whopping 95% next month which definitely is going to give rise to long waiting periods. As a result of this, expect the manufacturing facility to manufacture only a few hundred units in December, 2011 out of which none of them would be City sedans, close to 250 units would be the Jazz and about 100-200 units would make up for the Accord and Civic.

The firm manufactured 6,000 units last month and Mr Jnaneshwar Sen, VP, Honda India said with an intention to restore supplies, “We are looking at China and Japan very keenly. We hope to firm up things soon and return to normalcy in the coming months, though nothing can be confirmed as of now.”

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