VIDEO: Flying without wings on a Honda Activa


For boys, there’s an age when they start feeling physically indestructible, are teeming with energy, but are yet to learn and understand the laws of physics. Perhaps the case with this boy here who thinks the Honda wing logo actually works. He wants to break free, wants to fly away, but all he has is a Honda Activa, lots of free space and a lot of free time.

Egged on by a half excited, half paranoid friend who’s filming him, the rider takes a decent run up and builds some speed before he expects his scooter to lift off from a mud bank, fly over the gully in between and take off into the distance. Wearing zero safety gear, his scooter hits the bank, takes air, and flies above the little trough. But then, midway, the nose starts coming down, which is bad news for anybody who knows the basics of such activities. He tries to offset the weight by pulling his body towards the rear, but the sturdy Honda Activa crashes on its front wheel and its basic front suspension setup amazingly survives the ordeal.

Towards the end of the video, we realized, had he been carrying some more speed, his landing spot would’ve been further away. And while he could’ve attempted a smoother touch down spot, his flight would’ve ended on a tree. Do not try this at home. Please. For the love of God, your jaw, and everything else. Maybe the video above was the source of inspiration.

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