Honda denies 'secret recalls' of first batch of CBR250R

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Even though CBR is a Honda product, it’s owners have been facing quite a few problems with the bike. These are related to the quality of the parts used in the bike. We know of many unsatisfied Honda customers who have complained about the quality blip. Now, we talked about the main issues CBR 250R owners are facing:

a. Poor quality of plastics and steel (instrument stay, saree guard, bolts etc)

b. Non-availability of spares at Honda dealerships

These issues have been making many question the build quality of the world-class bike. Recently, we felt that Honda has finally taken cognizance of the problem. What we frowned upon was the fact that Honda did it without admitting their fault openly. Some reports from the current Honda CBR250R users suggest that Honda has been shipping out a kit containing steel components which were reported to have been rusting by the customers. Apparently the customers are being called and the parts are being replaced with a small mention. Replacements are reported to be done during service as well.

Now, we seem to stand corrected. We do not doubt claims of numerous Honda CBR250R owners who told us that the parts are being changed. However, Honda seems to avoid calling it a ‘recall’. The manufacturer sent us a mail clarifying that no such recall has been taking place. “There is no recall of CBR 250R and CBR 250R is an excellent performance bike which is well appreciated by customers. The company is now stepping towards further improvement in aesthetic area of the vehicle. As a normal approach, the benefit is given to existing customer of CBR 250R”, reads the email message we got from the manufacturer.

We really hope Honda manages to do away with the quality issues that the owners of the premium bike are facing. It may be noted that CBR250R has been priced quite well and by dealing with these glitches, the Jap 2 wheeler manufacturer will have a true winner in its hands.

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