Honda CBR250R gets a new race kit

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This is what a track prepped CBR250R looks like. Honda have tuned the CBR250R a track makeover for the Japanese CBR250R Cup race series. The bike has been painted in a color scheme inspired by the Honda TT legends of yore.

Developed for the Japanese CBR250R Cup race series, the mini CBR also gets a new ECU with adjustable maps, quick shifter and pit-lane limiter

The race prepped bike come with a fully customizable ECU with multiple pre-loaded maps. These ignition algorithms can be toggled with the bike in action and you on board in the thick of things. The bike is equipped with a transmission quick shifter, and a pit lane rev limiter.

The details on the power output and other specs of the bike are not available yet. We’ll get back soon with some more dope on the machine – just to let you know what’s the maximum amount of juice that can be extracted out of the 250cc single. After all, if the blokes at HRC can’t do it, no one else can.

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