Honda CBR250R cloned in China

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Chinese automotive manufacturers seem to be on a cloning onslaught at the moment. Few days back we posted about copycat variants of the Mercs and the BMWs, and now what we see is a shocker.

Jiajue R12 125cc

Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. have posted variants of their motorcycle on their WEBSITE which are nothing but straight copies of the Honda CBR250R. Though it’ll be interesting to see Honda’s retaliation, but on a different note we wished that Honda themselves took a few design cues from these imitations and implemented on the CBR250R.

Jiajue N10 250cc

For instance, the exhaust design on the N10 (a naked version) would look much appealing than the bulky looking unit on the CBR250R.

Jiajue R12 125cc LED tail

The R12 sports an LED tail whereas the CBR comes with a conventional bulb stop light. We’re sure the indicators are LED too.

Jiajue R15 250cc USD

Twin petal discs upfront and a USD fork setup may be stated as a wishlist item considering the cost factor.

Also poserboys can have a 125cc avatar of the CBR250R which we’re sure will be much cheaper and with all the sticker makeup looks quite sporty! And on the concluding part, where Yamaha fans have been demanding a 250 variant for the R15, these blokes already have one, though it looks more a Honda than a Yamaha 😉

Jiajue R15 250cc


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  • ponk says:

    how many the price for the bike? when going to indonesian?

  • Rahul Nargundkar says:

    Honda cant do anything since its a Chinese co that will only sell in China.. And if Honda decide for a legal battle against them then they would obviously loose since Chinese always favour themselves.. If I were Honda I would copy the things you mentioned + the paint schmes as well.. 😛