Honda CBR 150R to be launched in March this year

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As the performance bike segment in India is taken to a higher level with R15 version 2.0 setting benchmarks, Honda is fast catching up. Honda is known in India for offering the most reliable and efficient motorcycles and scooters. Now, Honda is bringing in another jap machine from their stable – CBR150R. The launch is scheduled for March 2012 and as reported by us, the bike was showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo. The CBR 250 is still turning heads on Indian roads and its performance is giving owners the value for their money. The guys who couldn’t afford it can now live a part of their dream by owning this new baby CBR which is on the design aspect; quite similar to the 250. This pocket rocket has already given Southern Asia a taste of what this entry level sports tourer has to offer.

It brings in a  single cylinder, fuel injected engine DOHC four valve 150cc four stroke engine that is a detuned version of the CBR250R. With a peak power of  18 PS and a peak torque of 13 Nm you can expect it to be  quicker around the corners and track. Comparing the power figures with the R15 which turns out 17 Bhp-15 Nm and the CBR150 being a tad bit powerful and  just 2 kilograms heavier, the competition should be epic. These two mini gladiators will try to survive in the Indian market version of the Roman arena. The Honda chaps have added a few secret weapons though.

The CBR 150 like the 250, has a better riding position compared to the extreme one on the R15. This works for the Indian buyers who will use the bike for their daily commutes and the bike will be more comfortable on highways as well. And for those of you who have had your girlfriends complain about the rear seat of the R15, the CBR offers a more comfortable seating for your pillion. The styling being a little more subtle compared to the in your face aggressive one of the R15 might work for Honda as well. Most importantly, it’s expected price should be around 1.2 lakhs which puts a cherry on the pie.

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