Honda Brio Amaze Petrol Launched @ INR 8,17,200

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The much awaited Honda Brio Amaze aka Honda Brio Sedan was launched in the Thailand market today.

Appended here are the pics from the launch event at Thailand. Also seen here are some of the images of the car from the media drive event that was organized in Japan. The Honda Brio sedan was designed and engineered in Thailand and the car is expected to come to us in early 2013.


As we have been saying, the Honda Brio Amaze will become the first Honda car in India to sport a diesel engine.

The car hasn’t got the diesel mill for Thai market and is powered by a 1.2 liter i-VTEC petrol engine which has a peak power-torque output of  90PS-110Nm. This is the same engine that powers the India spec Jazz and the Brio. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Honda is also offering a 5 speed auto and safely expect the auto variant to come to our market.


Honda Brio Amaze Thai prices

S M/T–I NR 817,200/454,000 Baht

S A/T– INR 887,400/493,000 Baht

V M/T –INR 867,600/482,000 Baht

V A/T –INR 937800/521,000 Baht

These prices are sure to come down when the car is launched in our country. Easily expect Honda to price the new car a little above the high selling Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire.



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  • Indian says:

    Nice Information. Thailand Prices is good info. You have done a good job in providing ths info though it may be launched cheaper in India

  • Amaze Honda is very good marketing site.I agree with all views and information..nice blog.

  • shiva says:

    Mostly likely a flop as we expect to go wrong on the price front as usual.
    Honda will gradually slide the Sony way if they are still in their 90's mindset,
    where they presumed that they were the best

  • We understand your concern. However, we have mentioned that the India price will be considerably lower. Also, we have calculated the price in rupees by converting Thai currency into ours. (Multiplying by 1.8) . . Anyway, what you say is very relevant and we will keep it in mind in future.

    And you seem to have done a right thing by postponing your car purchase. 🙂


  • Sujay says:

    Please do not put thailand price as India starting price will be from Rs 5 lac i.e competing with Dzire. Your news will drive customers away. But AMAZE looks great, I am postponing my puchase till April and want to be among early bird to get this car.