Hero MotoCorp launches the Maestro @ INR 48280

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Today, Hero silently slipped in its Maestro male-specific scooter. The scooter goes on sale at Goa for INR 48280. Most of the scooters in the Indian bike market are currently unisex, with the sole exception of the Honda Aviator and Hero Pleasure. With the Maestro, Hero plans to capture the ‘male only scooter’ market. It’s notable that Hero (or hero Honda) has the Pleasure as another scooter in its portfolio which is marketed as a ‘female-only’ product and is currently the only scooter in the company’s lineup.

The Maestro is powered by 110cc power plant, which Hero is branding as a ‘new generation V-Matic engine’. The scooter will also feature digital ignition and TCIS. Hero is calling the digital ignition as Advanced Microprocessor Ignition (AMI) in marketing lingo. Simply speaking, the Maestro is loosely based on the Honda Activa. The 109cc engine is good for 8bhp of peak power at 8000 rpm and 0.9 kgm of torque at 5500 rpm. The transmission too, just like the Aviator is the Variomatic system.The new scooter comes with a digital analogue combo instrument panel with service indicator that lets the user know when the service is due. The scooter will also come equipped with a combined braking system, again, just like what Honda has to offer. The ignition key slot will feature a magnetic head with shutter. Further styling elements for the Maestro include a trapezoidal headlamp with visor and combination tail light. The Maestro is available in six colors – Panther Black Met, Pearl Fadeless White, Force Silver Met, Pearl Harvest Green, Candy Blazing Red and Maestro Blue Met. The scooter also has tuff-up tubes, anti slip floor board and foldable footpegs for the pillion rider.

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