Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C has 800 HP of power to terrorize every road user

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It is said that more power is not enough. We agree but some people seem to have taken this too seriously. Not that we are complaining. Now, if a stock McLaren MP4-12C was not enough for you, read on. Texas Based tuning firm Hennessey Performance has taken the twin turbo 600 PS-600Nm 3.8-liter V8 engine to an all new level (read:800HP).The company’s new HPE800 Twin Turbo package gets your car a titanium exhaust system, upgraded intercooler and an air-intake systems. The car also gets a new transmission and tasty new alloys.  However, Hennessey did clarify its take on the suspension and braking package, as it said, “HPE does not plan to offer any kind of a suspension or brake system upgrade as the factory systems will be difficult to improve upon,“. And just in case all these goodies are not enough for you, the car also gets a CarbonAero ground effects kit that incorporates a new, center-positioned frontal air inlet with hood extractor, and available custom parts for the interior.

A 800 bhp Mclaren to eat everything on road (and track) alive!


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