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As a part of their strategic endeavour to increase the brand’s outreach, Hyundai Motor India has amped up its presence on the digital medium. There is a flurry of new initiatives, each one aimed at being ahead of the curve in engaging the netizens.

In a move that it surely unique in the automobile category, Hyundai has decided to float viral videos targeting its select models that have a younger TA footprint to begin with. These viral videos are being conceptualised and produced by Innocean Worldwide, their advertising agency. The first such viral to hit the online space is one for the Uber Cool i20. In the opinion of VivekSrivastava, the joint Managing Director of Innocean, “The virals are a thriving mechanism to reach out to the digital class of consumers and have a definitive role in brand’s communication architecture. We believe that Hyundai’s step is in the right direction and will help enhance the buzz around its various brands/models. Our teams endeavour is to roll out never before concepts that hold the surfers’ fancy and make the brand stick via spontaneous sharing.”

The latest video highlights the three latest features of the i20 – automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers and rear view mirror with parking assist.  The film has been directed by Sameer Tiwari of Working I Films. “The intent is to clearly use a different grammar from the one viewers are used too. It is meant to engage them, spook them and humour them, all in a span of a minute or two,” adds Saurabh Dasgupta.

“This is just the start of a series of high engagement initiatives that have been planned for Hyundai and one would see Digital gaining a greater traction in the media strategies of the brand,“ says B Sridhar, Group Director Media Services at Innocean.

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