Harley Davidson introduces merchandise for Christmas

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Next year, get ready to see Harley celebrate 100 years of operations. Wait! We have not started giving site space for spams yet. Accurately saying, next year Harley Davidson’s merchandising operations will turn 100. Back then, 9 years after the iconic bike was introduced, Harley entered into merchandise and turned to selling accessories rather than just bikes. Now, we would like too add that we absolutely love the way these reflect the Harley culture.

For the fast approaching Christmas, look into the Christmas gifts section of the firm’s catalogue, you’ll find H-D snowglobes, Christmas tree baubles, Santa-and-his-Harley Christmas cards and gift wrap. If this all appears mundane, have a look at Harley-Davidson Santa hats in biker black rather than the traditional red.














And, this is not all. Looking beyond the Christmas presents, one has a wide range of other stuff like T-shirts, caps, jackets, watches, mugs and much more to chose from.

Now, if you like our little website here and appreciate the hard work we put in to make the world of cars and bikes come closer to you, we would like to have some H-D presents this Christmas. (*wink*)




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