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 Citroen berlingo electric

In terms of electric vehicles, there is a wide range of cars now available, either fully electric or hybrid. One area of electric motoring that is less talked about, however, is that of electric vans. But, with the launch of the new Citroen BerlingoElectrique van next month, the subject of environmentally-friendly commercial vehicles is back on the agenda.

Depending on your business, an electric van could be the correct vehicle for you. If powering it can work out economically, then not only will you cut your harmful CO2 emissions, you may also strengthen the power of your brand if people see you to be environmentally responsible – it is something you can subtly promote as another reason to choose your business over the competition.

Choosing an electric van is practical in some circumstances but not all. The availability of charging stations is still limited, with the industry caught in a bit of a Catch-22 on the subject – potential charging point providers are put off by the lack of vehicles while vehicle makers are put off mass producing models until more charging points are installed. However, if your business is city-based, it may well be an option worth looking at, given that urban areas are better served by charging stations. Remember, you can always charge your vehicle at home as well.

Ciroen BerlingoElectrique

The latest efforts from Citroen and Renault show that they feel there is a future in the electric commercial vehicle market. The new Berlingo has a maximum range of 106 miles on one charge and the manufacturer has managed to house all the technology required in the same amount of space as a traditionally powered gasoline model so the volume and carrying capacity have not been reduced, a vital factor when weighing up whether an electric vehicle is worth swapping to.

Renault is targeting the market with its electric version its popular Kangoo – the Kangoo Van Z.E. It offers a similar range with one charge.

With two such large manufacturers forging ahead with electric production models, albeit in Europe for now, electric vans could well figure in the sustainable future of your business.

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