Grand Indian Road Trip superbikers complete their road trip at New Delhi

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Bollywood star and the brand ambassador for Castrol Power 1, John Abrahim, welcomed the biker participants of the Grand Indian Road Trip to New Delhi. The six riders on their superbikes are – Sundeep Gajjar (XBhp founder), SunilGupta, Sandeep Goswami, Himanshu Gupta, Abhishek Bhatt and Shivanshu Singh. These riders and their cool machines are back at Delhi after clocking around 13000 kms through 25 cities of India. The journey lasted as many as 52 days.

Speaking about the event, John said, “The Grand Indian Road Trip is an exciting concept and I am delighted to be associated with it through Castrol Power1. Castrol is at the forefront of supporting events such as these which help promote the passion for biking and help build a community of bikers. From what I have heard, the Grand Indian Road Trip was a fantastic event and I wish I had the time to join these superbikers on their journey. It would be a really great way to see our beautiful country and catch up with fellow bikers”.

He also said, “I am particularly thrilled about the Castrol Helmet for Change programme which the superbikers propagated during the journey. Safety is synonymous with Castrol and I am personally endorsing the Castrol Helmet for Change programme since I never get on to a bike without a helmet and protective gear”.

Sundeep Gajjar said, “The Grand Indian Road Trip was the experience of a lifetime. Castrol has always been an integral part of the Xbhp biking community in India and we see it as our trusted partner. Although the journey was tough and arduous, with Castrol Power1 in our bikes and their support on ground, we had a smooth journey throughout.”


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