Ford India might soon launch a more pocket friendly Fiesta

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Only yesterday, Ford India launched an automatic variant of the 2012 Fiesta. Christened as the Powershift, the transmission is not your average auto tranny. Now, our sources in the Industry are saying that the base price of the Fiesta should soon see some reduction. Even Ford India has hinted that it may re-work on pricing of the base model by omitting some of the features. While the new variant of the Fiesta is a very exciting car. not many are happy with the way it commands a premium over the Volkswagen Vento and the likes. Adding fuel to the fire, Mr. Nigel Wark, Sales and Marketing Director, Ford India remarked that rivals like Vw, Honda and Hyundai have lower priced cars in the segment and that the Ford team would surely have to rethink, review and strategize their available options. Mr Wark said: “While we sold the car on its technology and capability, the perception is that we do not have an entry point at Rs 8.23 lakh. We will do a review of a whole range of options. Margins are very very tight. The profitability is hit by the slowdown in the petrol car market, rising input costs as well as the huge discounts.”

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