Ford Figo to get new safety features. Expected to come along the facelift

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Regulars here might remember that we reported about the fast approaching Figo facelift a few days back. Now, in a recent development, it has emerged that Ford India is planning to start offering a few new features on the hot selling hatch. Figo, in all probability, will soon start boasting of a Keyless entry, i.e., the Figo is slated to head the Nissan Micra way. Figo also gets a Start/Stop button which is located in proximity to the gear shift. We wonder why Ford did not put it up on the dash. Another feature that the Figo gets is the Automatic door locking mechanism that engages the door locks 45 seconds after the car is left unlocked. Expect us to report more on this once we have tested it.  These features should debut with the introduction of the facelifted model and we expect an INR 30k increase in the price tag of the car.

Source: The Automotive India

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