Ford Fiesta ECOnetic does 36 kms from a litre of diesel

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This news comes as pleasant surprise and makes us make a wish. Ford UK recently announced a new model of the Fiesta hatchback. Now, if you are wondering what’s special about this development, let us complete that the new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic that goes on sale for a GBP 14,445 (INR 11 lakhs approx), is being branded as the next big thing in world of fuel efficient cars. Beneath the hood of the Fiesta ECOnetic, is a 95 BHP, 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi oil burner that delivers a baffling fuel efficiency of 36 kmpl. Now, this should make the car cheaper to run than all Indian bikes on sale. 36 kms from a litre of the stickier fuel sounds tempting enough to badly wish Ford to bring this tech to India.

The list of features of this car includes:


Smart Regenerative Charging

Eco Mode

Shift indicator light

Special engine calibration

Optimized gear ratios

Lower suspension

Under shield and wheel deflectors

Low-rolling resistance tires

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