Mumbaikars Rejoice! Ford EcoSport to be Showcased at Infinity Mall

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The Ford EcoSport is inching closer to its India launch with every passing day. Yesterday, we reported about the new TVC for EcoSportDiscoveries from Ford India. Now, it has emerged that Ford is close to showcasing the much awaited EcoSport compact SUV in Mumbai. The EcoSport will be on display at the Infinity Mall, Mumbai from 15 to 17 March.

Ford feels that the target customers for the EcoSport would spend free time on weekends at shopping complexes instead of visiting Ford India dealerships.

The entire country is looking forward to the launch of the much hyped compact Crossover from Ford and there are rumours abounding that the upcoming compact SUV from Ford India will be introduced into our car market at a very attractive price. The much publicized compact SUV from Ford is less than four metres in length and every engine variant of the EcoSport have a displacement of less than 1.5 litres. This will see the Compact crossover qualifying as a small car in India and would hence, benefit from lesser excise duty. The Ford EcoSport won’t have to suffer from the recent increase in the excise duty for SUVs on sale in India. The Ford EcoSport will enjoy from a lower excise duty of 12%, which is the same percentage of excise duty as on most of the hatchbacks on sale here.

The India spec Ford EcoSport compact SUV is being expected to come in as many as three engine variants- 1.5 litres normally aspirated petrol, 1.5 litres turbo diesel and the 1.0 litre turbo petrol EcoBoost motor that has been in limelight since a lot of time.


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  • Rahul says:

    I have serious concerns about the legroom for rear passengers in Eco Sport. I own a Honda Jazz which is about the same size as ecosport and has great legroom space for its size. By the pictures of Ecosport, it looks cramped up in the rear. Eco Sport in reality will dissappoint most of the people for its size. It looks good and all but its not a big car in reality.

  • ABHI says:

    I agree with RA .. its awastage of time to create hype ..if product is ready better launch it immediately .. rivals are only gaining out of delays that’s it..

  • shantanu beniwal says:

    whats the launch date of ford ecosport

  • RA says:

    No point wasting time and money in promotins etc when the product is already being talked about so much. Wasting time will only make Frord india loose ground to rivals and loose prospective buyers.In the markete with so many choices, no buyer will be carzy enough to wait this long

  • Hemant says:

    whats the eco sport launching date