Force One 4×4 Caught Testing. Launch Soon

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Force One hasn’t exactly been successful in taking the Entry Level Executive SUV segment by storm. The car, which is based on an old Ford, isn’t really as modern in terms of design as the Mahindra XUV500. Also, XUV500 was launched soon after Force One came and the former played a perfect gate crasher to Force One’s party. The One is so unpopular that many road users even fail to recognize the Force SUV.

We recently reported that Mahindra has resumed the booking for XUV500 All Wheel Drive and it seems like Force is preparing itself well to beat the popular Indian SUV maker at its own game. News of Force road testing the One has been doing rounds since some time now and there are very high chances that the car being tested is the Force One 4×4.

It may be noted that Force had launched only the 2WD variant of the car and the launch of the Force One 4×4 has to happen sooner than later.


Last night, on a midnight bike ride to Lonavla, a Force One test vehicle with ‘On Test‘ plates was spotted on the expressway. The car was doing speeds of 110kmph+ and it turned out to be quite a herculean task for me to manage to take the pics while riding my bike. Unfortunately, the pics we have here are the best that my cheap Samsung cell and my average riding + photography skills could manage.

The Force One 4×4 test mule that we spotted looks exactly like the 4×2 variant and the only visible changes are the added 4×4 badges. It is expected that the Force One 4×4, which will be the flagship variant, will be launched with ABS as standard feature and come with a price tag that will be about INR 60-80k higher than the 4×2 variant.

It will be interesting to see if the Force One 4×4 would eat into sales of Mahindra XUV500 AWD.

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