Firefox launches high end bicycle helmets.

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I have had a pleasure of using a serious mountain bike during the years I was under age to drive a car. While the lightweight bicycle and the 21 speed gears made sure that some good speeds for a bicycle could be attained even on slightly steep roads, the thing that brings back bad memories to me are the number of times I had a fall after getting too excited on my bike. The need of a crash helmet was always felt. The head protector I bought was basically the one that is used by roller skaters and I always felt the need of a proper bicycle helmet to save my head from severe injury. Now, if you think on similar lines then, you will be happy to know that Firefox recently launched head protective gears for every riding style- road, mountain, BMX jumping & women specific designs. These helmets are from Prowell, Bontrager and Prorider and the price range of these helmets starts from Rs. 600 to Rs.2700. Shiv Inder Singh, Managing Director, Firefox Bikes stresses, “It is mandatory in the case of two-wheelers, there is at the moment no legislation or law which makes it mandatory for a bi-cycle riders to don a helmet, which is an area of concern for us”.

The helmet models for kids have PVC and EPS inner shell, 6 ventilator holes and come in multiple colors. Adult helmets come with size adjustments, 11 ventilator holes are available in a variety of colors. Other helmet types include the Mold Helmets encased in a PV shell, with 14 ventilator holes, side adjusters and QR buckles. 

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