Final Teaser Pics of the 2014 Range Rover Sport

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The much publicized 2014 Range Rover Sport is only a few hours away from its official debut in New York. Regulars here would remember that we posted two leaked official images of the car in the morning and now, what we have here is the last batch of teaser images of the upcoming Land Rover Range Rover Sport. These pics appear to be the snapshots from the last teaser video of the upcoming car.

In the video, the car can be seen being driven out of a dockyard of New York and into the magical city.

The second generation Range Rover Sport will be unveiled by none other than Daniel Craig, who plays the role of James Bond in the popular movie series. Land Rover will publish a few videos of Craig with the new car prior to unveiling its new baby.

2014-Range-Rover-Sport-Pics-1 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-Pics-4

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“Those tuning into the live broadcast will be treated to ‘the best seats in the house’ and be able to select a range of camera angles and viewing points from which to watch the reveal,” said Land Rover in a statement. “There will also be extra exclusive content available on the site including a special live broadcast post the reveal.  This programme will feature interviews with those responsible for the Range Rover Sport’s driving dynamics, innovative technology and design.”


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