Fiat unveils the stunning new Viaggio sedan at Beijing Motor Show

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Fiat revealed their new C-segment sedan, Viaggio, at the Beijing Motor Show today. The Viaggio is based on the Dodge Dart, which in turn, is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The new Fiat, in true Italian fashion, is gorgeous to look at.

Viaggio translates to voyage in English and the car, which is a lovechild of Fiat-Chrysler relationship, will soon go on sale in China.

The Viaggio has a length of 4,679mm, width of 1,850mm and a 2,708mm wheelbase. To give you a perspective, it’s much bigger than the Honda City, which has a length of 4440mm, width of 1695mm and wheelbase of 2550mm. To be powered by the 1.4 L Tjet in both 120 and 150 hp outputs, the Viaggio may be offered with more engines in other markets. The big news is the introduction of Fiat’s latest Dual Dry Clutch (a la Fiesta Powershift) Transmission (DDCT) on the car which will make it technologically one of the most advanced cars in its segment.

On the inside, the car gets an entirely new design with a driver centric dash, soft-touch materials and a dual tone trim. The car is high on features like an 8.4 inches touchscreen radio navigation unit.

The Viaggio has been styled by the Fiat Group Style Centre in Torino and has a trademark Italian, clean-surfaced exterior design that blends fluid and curvaceous forms with strong proportions. A contemporary Fiat “face” ensures unmistakable brand identity.  Rear tail lamps incorporate LED lights.

The first cars will be produced from July and will go on sale in the third quarter of this year. The size of the car makes it fit for India launch. It would also give Fiat a much needed brand boost, something that the company desperately needs at this point in time. It will also add a new product to the company’s lineup, which is one of the smallest in India with only two models on offers.

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