Fiat to launch Fiat Caffe in Pune on 18th!

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Our regular readers will remember how excited we were when Fiat announced its plans to launch Fiat Caffe at Pune & Delhi. While we visited the Caffe at Delhi, we could do nothing but eagerly await the launch of the Caffe in Pune. Fiat is finally taking Indian market seriously and our nation will be the first one to have more than one Fiat Caffes. It is being said Indian will have as many as 20 Fiat Caffes. Now, these Caffes have the entire line up of Fiat cars showcased and provide you with an option to book a test drive for yourself. This is not all as the new outlet will be seen having some brilliant ambiance and awesome Lavazza on offer. And as if this all is not enough, the Caffe should also be seen having a mini library of sorts with a good collection of books on car design and some international magazines. This should be THE place if coffee, cars and conversations have always been a recipe for good times as per you. And needless to say, I finally have  a proper place to go to when I take some pretty face on a date with me here in Pune. The Fiat Caffe will be launched on 18th this month and is situated at Koregaon Park. 

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