Fiat to launch Alfa Romeo in India. May also bring the Jeep and Chrysler brands

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It may be noted that the popular Italian car manufacturer Fiat sells Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati cars apart from its owning American brand Chrysler. Further, under the Chrysler banner, come the sub brands like Dodge and

Here in India, things are lot different than what Fiat would had liked. We recently got some insider’s information that Fiat wishes to have a better presence in the market and hence, wishes to bring in some of its popular brands to the country. If it happens, it would be similar to having Skoda and Volkswagen cars on sale here. Also, save for some ‘die hard’ fans, the Italian manufacturer does not enjoys a good brand image in the country and bringing in cars with a different brand might actually work!


Apart from the sensual Alfa Romeo, the most likely brands to come to our shores are the Jeep and Chrysler. Their line up of SUVs and cars should make some good sense in Indian market. From what we have learnt, the Jeep brand will be seen in Premium SUV segments while Chrysler might join the likes of the Germans and Jags in the high end luxury car segment. There is also a possibility of the Chrysler cars being bought to India through the completely knocked down(CKD) route and assembled in India.

Many may think that this is not very wise of Fiat as Chrysler has next to no recognition if we compare them with the mighty Germans but I would like to add that not many Indians knew of the luxury brand Jaguar when it first came to India but we do have a fair number of Jags on roads here.

Now the most important bit. We have always maintained that Alfa Romeos are among the most beautiful cars on holy mother Earth and the information we received says that the Alfa Romeo brand of cars will soon see an Indian launch.These too should be brought here thru the CBU route.

However, the sad news is that Fiat and Chrysler spokesperson have chosen to remain tight lipped on this issue and hence, we would not want our readers to get all excited on this story. But we sure will update as and when more info on this reaches us. Stay tuned folks!


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