Fiat offers petrol discount till 2015 end to its new customers. Will this work in Indian car market?

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Fiat recently unveiled a new marketing strategy that allows Fiat buyers to purchase petrol at a subsidised price. What price you may ask. Well, as low as one euro per liter. The scheme, which was yesterday launched at Italy, allows the new Fiat owners to purchase petrol at almost half the market rates at all the participating fuel stations spreac across Italy. It may be noted that Italy, the mecca of anything automotive, has the highest petrol price in entire Europe, 1.83 euro per liter ($8.54/gallon).

“The offer will be based on a calculation of the motorist’s potential mileage, with effects that can last for up to three years,” said an unnamed source.

The offer enables the car buyer to save as much as 45% on fuel price till the end of 2015. The “Buy our cars, get discounted fuel!” offer from Fiat looks promising, both for the manufacturer and the car buyer. Now, I wonder if this offer will come to Indian market before fuel prices give me a heart attack.What the offer might also do is to boos sales of petrol engined cars in a country that has started running on diesel. Are you listening Fiat?


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