Fiat Innocenti to Rival Nissan-Datsun and VW-Tantus cars

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fiat innocenti

Fiat is fast getting aggressive with its Indian operations and Jeep and Abarth aren’t all that are headed our way.

Fiat India realizes that it is the low cost car segments where most of the action is concentrated and it has now emerged that Fiat might be contemplating a low cost car brand to challenge Nissan-Datsun and VW-Tantus low cost cars in India.

It is being said that Fiat will sell the low cost car under the Innocenti moniker. Innocenti is a defunct contract manufacturing company that used to produce Lambretta scooters and cars like Mini and Allegro.

Innocenti was later taken over by Fiat to manufacture old generations of Uno and Duna cars. Innocenti was shut down again in 1996.

Innocenti cars will be underpinned by platforms of last gen Fiat cars and will have plain exteriors to keep the costs low.

Innocenti, Tantus and Datsun. Which one are you planning to put your money on?



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