Fiat heir interested in bidding for Ducati

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We have been closely following the developments preceding the sale of popular Italian bike maker Ducati. First, a rumor hit the web that Indian manufacturer Hero is looking forward to buy the bike brand. Then, a news daily Corriere della Sera said that Daimler AG too may be interested in acquiring Ducati. This happened soon after another German luxury car maker Audi started taking interest in buying the bike manufacturer. However, Daimler was quick to deny any such interest. Now, the latest development is that Fiat heir Lapo Elkann has commented that he is interested in bidding for acquiring the iconic Italian bike maker. It may be noted that Lapo Elkann comes from the Agnelli family, owner of a group of Italian automotive brands including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler and Maserati. Lapo has come out with his interest in buying the bike maker owing to his sense of patriotism and his love for bikes. He would not like to see Ducati being sold to someone who is not based in Italy. He might look forward to buy the brand if the management at Ducati lowers the asking price a bit. However, Audi is ready with making a 750 million Euro bid for Ducati but with Fiat coming into picture, it will now be interesting to see if Ducati continues to remain a completely Italian brand.

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