Fiat Argentina TV commercial about new Palio and Boob job. We wonder what sense it makes

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We have seen pretty weird car advertisements but this one surely takes the crown for being one of the most dumb and weird commercials of recent times. Fiat Argentina recently released an advert for the new Palio and the video clip has set us scratching our heads wondering what sense it makes. The commercial shows a couple during a drive in their new Palio. The women starts talking about her partner’s appreciation for natural beauty and how he naver appears pleased about fake breasts. The next thing she says is that she is thinking of getting some breast enhancement done and the man imagines diving between ..errr…breasts of his lady. The very next moment, maybe because he couldn’t care less as he had the Palio, he agrees. The couple hugs and they seem to live happily ever after.

I am really puzzled what sense does this all means and what made Fiat launch such an ad? What I also wonder is if Fiat actually paid the advertising agency for something like this.

What is your take on this advert?

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  • ShadyKiller says:

    The NVH levels in toyata deisel are gonna be harsh given the subpar quality of both liva and etios. R15 seems to be getting better and Koleos also seems quite cool