Ferrari postpones the unveiling of their new F1 car. However, we provide the link to share the unveiling presentation with our readers

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Recently, we reported in detail about Force India F1 putting online the live images of the car unveiling. We also provided our users with the account username and password required to access the images. Impressed with our work, Mr. Rahul, our reader has given us the link to the Scuderia Ferrari’s live streaming of their F1 car’s unveiling. Today’s date was scheduled for Ferrari to unveil the 2012 Formula One car but heavy snowfall at Maranello has ensued that the unveiling has been postponed.

The team’s statement reads as follows. “There was no let up from the snow last night, which continued to fall on Maranello and the surrounding area and the situation does not appear to be changing this morning.” “The forecast is still bad both in terms of predictions of more snowfall and of a further drop in temperature. Therefore, the decision has been taken to cancel the presentation ceremony for the new car.” “The decision was taken because of the weather conditions and the difficulties that would have faced the 300 or so people due to attend from the team partners, the authorities and representatives of the media in their attempts to get to Maranello.

The following link can be put to use to witness the images from live unveiling of the new F1 car:


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