Facebook rescues Audi at Dubai 24 Hours Race!!

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Audi R8 has seen some really hardcore race cars spawned out of it. Now, I am totally in love with Audi cars and Facebook has to be my favorite social networking website. If you are wondering what connection these two have, let me say that a marvelous link between these recently surfaced. About eight-and-a-half hours into the much publicized Dubai 24 Hours endurance race, team United Autosports had this very relevant and important query about their Audi R8 GT3 LMS racecar. Call it a stroke of luck or anything, a well-informed Audi engineer spotted the question.

This is what United Autosports had posted via Audi Sport’s FB page:

“Does anyone know where the location is for the starter relay and main relay on a R8? Is it in the front BSG or fusebox?

Now, Markus Ferlora, an engineer from Audi’s high-performance division quattro GmbH, spotted this and gifted a apt and detailed reply to the racing team:It’s right rear the last two big Relais [sic] are for the starter. The first two big Relais [sic] are the main Relais [sic] for the Engine.

We are quite sure that the entire racing team would be thanking a certain Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: quattroworld.com

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