Extreme: This motorcycle runs on poop!

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It’s taking the whole ‘Green’ campaign to another extreme. Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer Toto has created this bike which apparently runs on animal excrements. Called ‘Toilet Bike Neo’, the seat of the bike is in the shape of a western style commode, but isn’t exactly meant for you to poop on the go to keep the motor revving. It’s just a symbolic representation of the machine’s ‘Green’ credentials.

Toto have been developing the bike since 2009, and brought it before the outside world in a Fujisawa showroom yesterday. The bike, (actually a trike) is powered by a 250cc engine which runs on biogas derived out of livestock waste. But making Candy the Cow, or Doug the Donkey sit over the pot-seat won’t quite make the machine move. You’ll have to procure the treated, purified and compressed excrement from Shika-oi town in Hokkaido and Kobe city of Japan for the motor to whiz without a whimper.

While there isn’t any substantial plan yet, the poop propelled machine may well make it to production.  Of course, you won’t get the fancy seat on the production model, but chances are that the scent surrounding the vehicle would announce its green credentials rather unambiguously.

Image: Metro UK

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