Exclusive Video: KTM 200 Duke caught testing!

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Motoroids has always been ahead of the pack in providing you the information about one of the most eagerly awaited bikes in India for 2011 – the KTM 200 Duke. Be it the spy images, the news about the bike’s reveal in Malaysia, or the more recent piece about all the available colors as shown in Brazil, we have gone out of our way to bring you all the details about this exciting new bike. Carrying forward the record, we have here a video of the bike caught testing. Our senior member Deepak Dongre managed to tape the new bike on the old Mumbai Pune highway. Deepak came away mightly impressed with the road presence and the acceleration of the 200cc machine. Here’s some of his observations about the bike.

1) The bike looks great from the rear. The fat rear tyre gives it a beefy look and good presence.

2) Sideways, the KTM 200 Duke looks small, though not as tiny as the R15, as this one is slightly taller

3) The front forks are a treat, give the bike a truely premium feel.

4) The engine noise is weird actually.The tester was riding at around 70 kph when I passed him. The engine makes an unusual, puttering noise. If I have to imagine it’ll be like our good old Bajaj Chetak with a free flow silencer. At high revs, this brute is going to be a screamer,typical KTM I should say.

5) But the best part is the bike’s acceleration. I shot the video and started accelerating (I was on a Karizma) as I was getting late. I was still glancing at my mirrors while doing about 90-95 kmph when I see this bike cutting down the gap real quick. In no time the orange beauty was on my tail. I would say not even a P220 will be that quick in terms of acceleration. Am dead sure this one’s going to be a rocket at high revs.


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