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The Tata Fiat story in India hasn’t really worked too well for the Italian carmaker. Even with its fantastic products, Fiat hasn’t been able to do well in the Indian market after its JV with Tata Motors came into place. No matter how much the two companies deny having frictions, and try as they may to shroud the fire, the smoke is there to be seen for everyone.

Following the non-performance of Fiat products in terms of sales at the Tata Fiat joint showrooms, and some reported incidents of the showroom staff giving preference to Tata cars, Fiat India recently decided to start its own individual showrooms. In an exclusive interview with Motoroids early in 2011, Mr, Rajeev Kapoor, President, Fiat India had sent out signals that the company wants to establish its own exclusive ‘Brand Boutiques’. Seems like the vision is approaching its fruition now.

Fiat Cafe India, Fiat Caffe
Our reader and fan Prashant Singh from New Delhi has sent us some images of the first ever Fiat brand boutique, to be termed ‘FIAT Caffe’. The new Fiat only showrooms will display the Italian cars in all their glory, while also highlighting the rich heritage of Fiat. The new showrooms will strive at creating an experience for the customer which will elevate his perception about the brand significantly. Most of the customers still associate Fiat cars with the old black and yellow taxis that ply on Mumbai roads. Little do they know that this is the same brand which owns marquees like Ferrari and Alfo Romeo, is at the forefront of the engine tech and its subsidiary Ferrari has won the all-important F1 title more than any other carmaker.

The showrooms will have trained executives who will personally take the prospective customers through the features and advantages of not just Fiat cars, but Fiat as a leading car brand as well. Genuine Italian coffee and refreshments will be served to the prospective clients in a bid to look more upmarket and premium – the reason why the new brand boutiques are christened Fiat Caffe.

In pictures here is one such (and probably the only) new brand boutique located at Connaught Place, New Delhi. It’s located right next to Cafe Coffee Day Lounge & Ring Road Honda in Janpath. Here’s the exact address: 40-42, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Fiat India aren’t very keen on letting this info out, the reason why the Fiat logo is shrouded with a rag. Even the watchman wasn’t very keen on letting Prashant taking pics. Being the hardcore auto buff he is though, he didn’t leave without a few pictures.

There may be many such new showrooms under construction in various cities. Keep an eye for them, all you Fiat fans, and do share with us the pictures and info if you come across one. We’re counting on you!

Fiat Cafe India


Fiat Caffe New Delhi

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