Employees of Kingfisher Airlines Threaten to go on Dharna Outside BIC

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Recently, we reported about Force India Formula 1 team being excited about the Indian F1 Grand Prix that is to be held this weekend. Now, it has emerged that F1 fans and participants are not the only one who are looking forward to the 2nd Indian F1 race. Kingfisher Airlines which is owned by Vijay Mallya, the co-owner of Force India F1 team, has recently hit some troubled water. The employees of the airlines have not been paid since March this year.

Kingfisher staff is further perturbed by the lavish lifestyle that Vijay and his son Siddharth keep flashing in public. The employees have threatened to go on a public demonstration outside the BIC on 28th, the race day, if they do not get paid by 26th Oct 2012.

For the first time in the history of F1, we might get to see a dharna right outside the race circuit. It happens only in India. No?

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