Ducati up for grabs for $1.6 billion. Mahindra and Mahindra among potential buyers

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Son of a billionaire? Fancy owing an iconic brand? Time to grab your cheque book! Popular and very desirable Italian bike manufacturer-Ducati is up for sale. Current owners Investindustrial Holdings SpA says the bike brand requires a partner for further growth. Mr Andrea Bonomi, Chairman, Investindustrial Holdings, said, “Ducati is now a perfect company but the further growth it requires needs the support of a world-class industrial partner. This year, we will work towards that partner.”

Founded by the Ducati brothers – Bruno, Marcello and Adriano back in 1926 at Bologna, Italy, the brand saw numerous owners before it was bought by Investindustrial Holdings in 2005.

Mr Bonomi said that BMW, VW and Indian vehicle manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra are some of the many investors and auto manufacturers that have shown their interest in acquiring the brand. The current owners expect the prestigious brand to change ownership for  $1.6 billion.

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