Diesel price to be hiked by as much as INR 5.

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Just when diesel car owners were ‘LMAOing’ at petrol car users, it seems like they are all set to receive quite a jolt. Following the shocker of a hike in the petrol prices, a diesel price hike might soon come into effect. It is being said that the diesel prices are on their way to head upwards by as much as INR 5. Diesel vehicle owners are not alone who will be affected by this decidedly sinister development as inflation is sure to head north with the diesel prices shooting up. Again, the reason here is the rupee weakening to US dollar. It may be noted that Indian rupee is currently at an all-time low and things are seemingly worsening with recession lurking on the border. The decision for the hike in diesel prices might happen as soon as on Monday. 

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  • arnob says:

    Oh. and the poor little underage pillion? He DROVE to Azharuddin's house where Ayaz picked him up. Driving around at 16, obviously been doing it for some time (you can do anything when uncle is MP).

    Model citizens apparently, all of them.

  • rattle says:

    With great power comes great responsibility. xD