Diesel to become costlier by INR 10/litre in 2013

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We so knew that something like this was about to happen. While this news might bring a little smile to those who have always been loyal to petrol cars, this should be a cause of worry for many others. It may be noted that thanks to petrol getting even more expensive, Indian car market has started seeing increased favor for diesel cars and the news here is that diesel, which is considerably cheaper than petrol, might soon witness a price hike.

Oil Secretary of India recently commented that the prices of diesel will be raised by INR 10/litre over the next 10 months. This means that diesel will become dearer by about 20% before the end of next year.

It will be interesting to see how auto makers will react in case diesel becomes considerably more expensive in the country. Well, suddenly the future of diesel cars isn’t looking all that bright.

Source: 4Traders

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  • maverick says:

    Naah, Shell is selling petrol at 1Re lesser than Govt Petrol Pumps… so no it is not gonna hike by 10bucks….. All those purchased Diesel are in a fix now…

  • Guest says:

    revisit CNG prices and see a lot less number of vehicles plying on Indian roads. CNG is adding to huge, huge traffic woes.

  • Malay says:

    Again , I would say, petrol price will hike for more than 10 ruppees, so huge price difference will always be there.