Delhi Bans Entry Of ICE-Powered Cars For A Week

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The Delhi state government has announced that from 27th November 2021 entry for petrol and diesel cars will be banned; only those vehicles which are under essential services will be allowed. Moreover, the government has also stated that other private cars should be either electric or CNG to enter Delhi.

Delhi Pollution

Delhi has been battling bad air quality for many, many years! To control the pollution the state government even implemented a lockdown in the state. Delhi decided to open physical classes in schools and colleges and to reopen government offices. With this reopening people will come out with their private cars which will pollute the city of Delhi. To solve these problems Delhi state government already hired CNG busses for government employees. The government said that “We hired private CNG buses recently. We have decided to use them to ferry employees from government residential colonies such as Gulabi Bagh and Nimri Colony. The air quality has improved over the last three days. The city’s AQI is similar to pre-Diwali days”

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The government will also start bus services from the Delhi Secretariat to ITO and Indraprastha metro stations for its employees so that pollution will be in control and people will use more public transport.

Delhi state has been the victim of bad air quality for many years to tackle these,  many decisions are taken. For eg

  1. A subsidiary on EVs: Delhi government gave a subsidiary on EVs so that people should prefer EV as their first option. cars received a subsidy of ₹10,000 per kWh of battery capacity. The subsidy was capped at ₹1.5 lakh per vehicle though and the subsidy was available only on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Retrofitting: Decade-old diesel car owners were told to fit their diesel cars with an electric engine. Diesel cars have to go through a test if the cars are declared fit they can be fitted with an electric engine.

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Image Source: The Indian Express

And now this ban on petrol and diesel cars. These steps are taken to control air pollution in the city and to push people towards EVs because Electric vehicles are the future and someone has to start with the process of changing from petrol/diesel power cars to electric battery one.

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