DEADLIEST CATCH: This time a Porsche Cayenne makes it to the fishermen’s net

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Seems like fishermen are recently being bamboozled by heavy metal tangling their fishing nets. Some days back we featured about a vintage motorcycle showing up after 56 years from a lake bottom. This time around, it’s even heavier… about 2 tonnes of rusted metal making the fishermen sweat their guts out. Poor chaps already face a strenuous task at sea without respite and DEADLIEST CATCHES such as these only add to their misery.

Porsche Cayenne pulled out by fishermen in China

A rusted bulky mermaid marinated with seaweeds and barnacles recognized to be a Porsche Cayenne was pulled out by the fishermen post 2 years it hit the sea bed. Later to the prevailing confusion as to how an expensive (not anymore) SUV could go scuba diving, the locality was concluded of being a notorious region for smuggled goods and maybe pushed off the deck by smugglers on a dreaded sight of an approaching coast guard.


History beckoning, such episodes have only bought value appreciation to the vehicles manifold, but this has been an exception. Originally costing close to $1,60,000, the German behemoth was disposed off for a meager $640 as scrap metal. Maybe it needed a few more decades of sub-marine vacation to get anywhere near to its tag value if not more.

Via BusinessInsider

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