CNG price could be hiked by Rs. 2 per kg

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We are really hating it now. Why is it that we Auto journos have to report such bad developments every now and then? Only a couple of days ago, we talked about chances of petrol becoming dearer on the eve of new year. Then, we talked about government planning to tax the owners of diesel cars. Now, this should be yet another bad news for you if you or any of your family member depends on public transport for the daily commute. There are chances of CNG prices heading north in the next couple of days.It may also be noted that a considerable number of cars out there are powered by the CNG. Also, safely expect a rise in price of various commodities.

One again, the culprit is the declining value of the Indian rupee against the US dollar. As told by us earlier, the decline in the value of our currency puts a pressure on state owned oil companies. The rupee has shot past the Rs 52 per US dollar mark and we can expect some more price hike in the future.

We just hope that price of LPG is spared. Waitamin! Aren’t the elections fast approaching?


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