Civic and Jazz no longer feature on Honda Cars India website

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Regulars here would remember that we reported in detail when rumours of Honda Cars India deciding to discontinue the production of Civic and Jazz first emerged on the cyber space. While everyone was saddened on hearing about two well sorted out cars going out of production, Honda dismissed off the rumours as baseless. We also talked to a few Honda Cars India dealers in a couple of cities and quite unsurprisingly, both the dealerships denied the news. In fact, one of the dealers went on to the extent of declaring that Honda would soon launch the Civic diesel in the country. While this tall claim alone was sufficient for us to gauge the accuracy of their statement, many of our friends from around the country informed us that the Honda dealers in their respective cities have accepted that the production of the two cars has been axed. However, Honda never gave us an official word about discontinuing the Jazz and the Civic.

Now, a look at Honda Cars India’s official website reveals that Honda might have really called off the production of the above two cars. Both the Civic and the Jazz no longer feature on Honda Cars India’s official website. As per the website, the current line up of the car maker consists of the Brio, Amaze, City, Accord and CRV. This means that there is a good probability that the Jazz and the Civic have indeed gone out of production.

Both the Civic and the Jazz are well sorted out cars that have won a lot accolades from the car enthusiasts. The Civic ruled over its segment during the first few years of its career and has made quite a name for itself. However, thanks to the increasing popularity of diesel vehicles, the Civic witnessed a huge drop in its sales figures. The increasing petrol prices, lack of diesel engine variant and a high sticker price are the reasons for low sales performance by the Jazz. Honda did resort to lowering the selling price of the Jazz but it was too little, too late.

Hence, we weren’t too surprised when it emerged that Honda might have discontinued the production of the two cars and it might only be a matter of time before Honda Cars India officially declares that it has taken the Jazz and the Civic off the shelves.

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