Chevrolet Springo is the Sail EV. Unveiled in China

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While only recently we got the Chevrolet Sail hatchback for ever rapidly growing car marker, our neighbours at China are soon to get the Sail EV. The Chevrolet Sail EV was first showcased at the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show and is developed by the PATAC in Shanghai. Now, the production ready car has been showcased at the 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show and goes on sale in the Chinese market for upwards of INR 20 lakhs!

It may be noted that the Sail is the result of collaboration between Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), both GM-SAIC joint ventures. In addition to being sold in China, the Chevrolet Sail will also be exported to other emerging markets.

The Chevrolet Sail EV has been christened as the ‘ Chevrolet Springo ’ and is powered by a 118hp electric motor that is capable to propel the car to a top whack of 130km/h. The car has got a 130 km range on a single charge and only styling updates are the ‘green’ badges and some body decals.

The car has only a slight possibility of coming to India due to the lack of enough charging points and hence, Indian car buying lot still to start fancying an electric car.




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