Chevrolet Sail Hatchback Gets a Price Cut. Bids Goodbye to U-VA moniker

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chevrolet sail hatchback price cut

The recently launched Sail U-VA is Chevrolet India’s latest attempt at getting a foothold in the very important upper B Segment of Indian car market. The Sail UV-A replaces the Aveo U-VA and is squarely aimed at the very popular Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Unlike the Swift, the Sail UV-A isn’t blessed with a striking exterior design or the ‘Maruti peace of mind’. However, the Sail UV-A comes with class leading space and a long list of features. What the Sail UV-A also has is a tried and tested diesel engine that also powers the Swift and almost every other diesel car in the upper B segment. It may be noted that the now defunct Aveo UV-A was offered with a petrol engine only and this proved to be an Achilles heel for otherwise a well sorted out car.

The Chevrolet Sail UV-A was launched at a very attractive price tag and offered a real value for money proposition.

However, it seems like the low price tag hasn’t been of much help to Chevrolet India. Now, in what seems to be a bid to give the car a shot in its arm, the carmaker has further reduced the price of its latest hatchback. The Chevrolet Sail UV-A (now named to Sail hatchback), which was launched at a starting price of INR 4.44 lakhs (ex showroom, Thane), has got a meaty INR 25,000 worth of price cut and has a new starting price figure of INR 4.19 lakhs.

The Chevrolet Sail hatchback clocked a low sales figure of 1,595 units in November 2012 (inits first month in our car market) and could manage to register a sales figure of only 560 units in February 2013. While the Sail hatchback has got a decent price cut, the price of Sail sedan remains unchanged, with prices still starting at INR 4.99 lakhs.

It will be interesting to see if the Sail hatchback will now have a better showing on the sales chart.


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  • jerry says:

    Hi, i did a test drive of the petrol version.
    Ex. looks – Great
    Int. Looks – Can be slightly better
    Petrol Engine – Good, Very quiet, traveler’s car
    If they give the ‘Chevrolet Promise’ free with this car, i am booking it !

  • Chevrolet Support says:

    Hi Sandcho, we appreciate your feedback. We would pass your suggestion to the relevant team. Please be open to provide us with your great feedback. Thank you.

  • Sandcho says:

    The weak point here is the interior.. Its an absolute letdown.. Change the dashboard assembly, make it more “chromish”, GM should see the sales rising…