Chevrolet Enjoy Sub-4m variant could be in pipeline

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We reported in considerable detail when GM India launched the Enjoy MPV in fast developing Indian car market. Now, it is being said that the car maker is busy with the development of a sub 4 metre version of the Enjoy MPV.

Thanks to the excise duty benefits that Govt. of India offers to cars measuring less than 4 metres in length and having petrol/diesel engine size less than 1200cc/1500cc, the diesel variant of the Enjoy sub 4 metre variant could come at a really exciting price point.

The petrol variant of the Enjoy too could benefit from this duty relaxation i.e. if the car maker decides to replace the current 1.4-litre 102bhp petrol motor with the Sail’s 1.2-litre 85bhp engine. While this will mean that there would be a drastic fall in the power output, the lighter weight of the sub 4 metre Enjoy could compensate for the loss. It may be noted that the sub-four-metre Enjoy is expected to weigh as much as 150kgs lesser than the current full size variant.

Currently, the Enjoy is 4305mm long, which is considerably more than the 4 metre mark. This would mean that the engineers at Chevrolet would have to work overtime to get rid of the extra 305mm.

The sub 4 metre Enjoy could be priced as much as INR 50000 lower than the full size variant. Such a price would not just enable the sub 4m Enjoy to rub shoulders with some of the premium hatchbacks but it would also mean that the car would have a clear advantage over the Ertiga and the Evalia, two of its immediate rivals.

The only thing that worries us is if chopping off the excess length would rob the Enjoy off its biggest USP—Interior space.

Stay tuned for more on the speculated sub 4m Enjoy.

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