Chevrolet Cruze Hybrid to come soon ?!

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GM Cruze electric test vehicles at Seoul

Cruze is not just another General Motors car as it has played a very important role. No, we are not talking about the presence of Cruze in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). This is the car that has been responsible for making GM rise from the ashes. GM is planning to battle it out against the very popular Toyota Prius by introducing a hybrid version of the Cruze.

Cruze will be utilizing electricity as a source but will be reasonably different from the manufacturer’s Volt. While Volt is an electric car with a range extender, the Cruze will be a conventional plug-in hybrid. Volt uses a gasoline engine to charge the battery to power the electric motor which in turn powers the front wheels whereas the Cruze will make use of a combination of electric and gasoline engines. Simply speaking, both may be hybrids but their modus operandi will be different and they won’t eat into the sales of each other.

It is sad that due to certain factors, hybrids such as the Prius and the hybrid Civic did not perform very well. However, it may be noted that the Bengaluru based GM’s research center played a vital role in Bolt EV and Volt projects and it may again help with the development of the Cruze hybrid. We hope to see the hybrid Cruze on our roads soon. Fingers crossed.

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