Cheapest to Costliest: The Rs 22 Crore GoldPlus Tata Nano!

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The intention of launching the Tata Nano was creating a car which can be branded as the cheapest car in the world. Mr Ratan Tata kept to his word by pricing the bas evariant of the car at around a lakh INR. This could help many who could afford only a two-wheeler, get an opportunity to double the wheels they could afford. However, now we present to you, the costliest Tata Nano called the Tata Nano GoldPlus. The car costs more than Rs 22 Crore which is not a puny figure, especially for a Tata Nano.


About 80 Kilograms of solid 22 carat gold and 15 Kilograms of silver have played the role of the building blocks for this car. To add to this, the car’s body is flanked with 10,000 other precious diamonds, stones, gems and rubies. The car has been incepted for the promotional purposes of Tata Group’s jewellery retail arm called GoldPlus. Mr Ratan Tata unveiled the Tata Nano GoldPlus yesterday evening at the Tata Theater in Mumbai.


The car will obviously not be available for sale since it will be used only for marketing activities. It will be displayed at all 29 GoldPlus Jewellery outlets across the country. However, we do not expect this car to draw more customers to the Tata Nano which is facing a lot of ‘heated’ controversies and falling sales.


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