Chandigarh Traffic Police distributes gifts to encourage correct driving practices

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Chandigarh has to have one of the most sensible and disciplined traffic in India. The City Beautiful is not just known for its excellent network of wide and well paved roads but also for the strict enforcement of traffic laws by the cops. Today, Chandigarh Traffic Police distributed gifts to a few drivers that were selected on the basis of correct and sensible driving techniques. This has been done in a move to encourage road users to properly follow traffic rules & regulations. This innovative idea to promote road safety took many by surprise at Aroma Light Point. Sher Singh, ASI Traffic was present at this place. It may be noted that owing to proximity with Sector 17, Bus Stand, Sector 22 and Sector 35, which are some important areas of the Union Territory, this light point near Hotel Aroma can always be seen buzzing with activity. Following drivers were awarded with gifts for their safe driving practices:

1. Seema Saini

2. Trun Attri

3. Inder Pal

4. Rohtash Bishnoi

5. Ankush

What baffles me no end is that all I got were tickets while at Chandigarh. And here, people are being awarded for good driving skills. Not Fair.

Image courtesy: Traffic Police Chandigarh, Facebook

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