Chandigarh based mechanic bags All India Castrol Golden Spanner Ustad Mechanic Award

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In it’s search for India’s best 4 wheeler mechanic, Castrol ended up discovering the talent of Chandigarh based mechanic Kalka Prasad. The winner of the Castrol Golden Spanner Award works at city’s West Motors. As many as 300 mechanics coming from around 16 different cities participated in this competition that went on for 2 months. 17 mechanics were then selected for the finals that was held at Mumbai in the presence of celebrated cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar said. ” With Castrol Golden Spanner Ustaad Mechanic Awards, Castrol, castrol has provided for an opportunity to showcase their skills. I love cars and personally work along with mechanics to ensure that they are well maintained and in a peak condition.”

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