CBR250R rider complains of parts unavailability: Have you faced problems too?

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Jaydeep Khoduskar has for long been associated with Motoroids. He was with us at the RE Rann of Kutch ride and is also our MotoRep for Nagpur city. He was all praise for his new CBR250R until a few days ago, since when he has been facing a problem with parts availability at one of the Honda showrooms. Here’s a log of his experience with the bike and the service station. Jaideep is happy with the CBR250R as a product, but isn’t too enthused by the service and spares availability. CBR250R owners please contribute with your views on whether this is a known issue with the bike, or just a one-off case. Here’s Jaideep’s story.

I am a biker and have done 5500 kms solo ride to Ladakh and back on my 350cc bike, South India on my two stroke 110cc and Rann of Kutch again on my 350cc. I now wanted to buy a bike that was not only smooth, good looking and fast but most importantly, reliable.

Like you all I too believed that when it comes to Automobiles, etc. Japanese is reliable, backed by excellent service, and everything else. So when Honda CBR 250 bookings were announced, I booked the Honda CBR 250 and got the delivery within 2 months on 2.6.2011. Enjoyed riding it and even went on a 2000 kms ride from Nagpur to Ahmedabad and back. The only problem encountered was handle getting jammed at the centre position which was corrected twice, at Punjab Honda in Ahmedabad and at Tajshree Honda, Nagpur where I bought my bike from, as I came back from the trip. The bike handles the potholes, plain roads, curves, so well and is so good on wet roads. It inspires the confidence in you. I have the ABS version and it is an amazing experience when you use the brakes. It’s so sure when you do panic braking. It saved me twice.

All was well till the “Chain Slider” which is a rubber part placed below the chain gave way. This is about 15 days back. I went to Tajshree Honda, located at Devnagar, Nagpur to get the new Chain Slider rubber part fitted and my agony started that moment. The showroom did not have the part so they ordered it from the company. A follow up of 7 days with them did no good. I called up the Honda office and also lodged my concern online at www.honda2wheelersindia.com, thankfully got a call from some manager and he promised a prompt response. Today, after 15 days the part has still not come. So I got a temporary rubber fitted to prevent the chain from getting damaged as it strikes the metal swingarm if there is no rubber barrier in between. I am riding with great discomfort nowadays.

I request Honda to make the spares available at the earliest. I also request the buyers of all motorcycles / scooters to please ensure that the spares of the vehicle you wish to buy are available before you put the cash on the table.

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Temporary chain slider



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  • Anonymous says:

    I Buyed A CBR250r(ABS) on 19/01/2012 at 11 o clock morning, i was very happy with the bikes,,,, Then I felt smthin ws wrong with the Brakes like its was missing.. I took it to the showroom next day on 20/01/2012 and the owner of the showroom replied that it has got ABS which means it will not stop on my wish, but it will stop wenever it wants whereas I thought ABS means (ANTI-Lock Braking: tyres don't get jammed while braking), Then there was no solution fr my problem.I' have ranned 9-10 times in one month. sir I just want to replace my bike , my friends having cbr250r but having not problems in it. In my bike the first day from the showroom there is knocking sound in the engine and I asked , they told me this fuel injection system engine its sound was that type only, then my grand father told me to take the bike to the showroom for sound check up.i'm till not satisfied with the vehicle and its service.sir please reply as soon as faster I'm not another bikes for going tution and school.

  • Tripta says:

    This could only be expected of Maruti Suzuki, as some of its cars are sold like anything.

    Maruti Suzuki 800 for example was the largest selling car in India, and now it looks like Swift and Swift desire together gonna repeat the history. This car is really very much liked by Indian customers.