Cadillac XTS to be launched in 2013

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Quite a few reports from around the world suggest that Cadillac will introduce the 2013 XTS at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The upcoming car is a production version based on the XTS Platinum Concept, and once launched the car will replace the DTS and STS models from the Cadillac line up.

The car boasts of typical Cadillac styling. The large grill up front along with vertical head lamps give the car a bold look. The rear again has vertically shaped tail lapmp units and the car can be mistaken to be nothing but a Caddy.

The car will feature very rich and luxurious interior and the popular CUE Infotainment System.












The upmarket sedan is likely to come from a 3.6-liter V6 engine that belts out 318 hp (237 kW / 322 PS) along with 275 lb-ft (372 Nm) of pulling power. Front Wheel Drive is to be standard but  expect an option of all-wheel drive system as well.

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  • deepak says:

    nice paparazzo-giri. Good driving… initially i felt you ppl were in a car, then got shit scared when u stopped right on the fiesta's bumper and realized its a bike. Was focusing on the car. Good dynamics the fiesta has it seems…nice works bros.