Cadillac XTS gets Linux based infotainment system

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While the Cadillac User Experience (C.U.E.) system might not be as big a technical marvel as the Iron Man’s suit, the voice recognition system and user-feedback innovations packed into it have significantly advanced the state-of-the-art in making human-machine interaction more natural and effortless. The Infotainment system’s “Center-Stack HMI” fitted on the dashboard grabs immediate attention. The device hosts a plethora of features, accessible via a fully capacitive 8-inch touch display to provide unmatched ease of use. This is also the first time that GM has introduced the MOST protocol, a high speed multimedia network technology, in a commercial production vehicle. Cadillac XTS was launched in USA mid-2012 and has generated a lot of excitement in the automotive market.

Cadillac CUE integrates interior design with industry-first control and command technologies. It will debut in 2012 in the ATS and XTS luxury sedans and SRX luxury crossover, and features a 1.8 liter storage compartment behind the main system touch screen. The compartment features a USB port and wireless Bluetooth connections for devices and smartphones.

The inclusion of “Natural voice recognition” technology means the system is intelligent enough to understand a command without having to use an awkward or complicated sequence of phrases. The user can interact with the system conversationally to playback a song or video or to access a host of features like destination address search, Phonebook-contact calling and etc. The system boasts of 3D GPS based Navigation providing turn by turn route guidance and Map integrated weather reports. It also brings seamless connectivity with a wide variety of mobile devices for varied applications like telematics, messaging, and audio/video playback to name a few.

Another striking innovation is the proximity sensor. It’s a simple concept: if your hand isn’t near the display it means you’re probably driving and there’s less need to clutter the screen with buttons and extra menu options, so they fade into the background and only the most important information is displayed. It’s one of those things that you don’t think will make much different until you actually see it on a device, and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. The User Interface is very friendly and responsive in context of the feature content delivered by the system. The Center Stack Unit communicates with the Instrument Cluster to synchronize display data and supplies content to the Rear Seat passenger displays as well. It also facilitates personalization for features such as Seat heating, Engine mode selection, Park assistance etc.

Cadillac unveils CUE

Headquartered in Bangalore, more than two hundred Software Engineers at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI), one of the biggest SW development centres of the Bosch Group, have significantly contributed to launch this product successfully in the market. Rich expertise and proven track record has today positioned RBEI to provide not just software service but cutting edge end to end product solutions.

Salient Features:

· Full Capacitive Touch display with proximity sensing

· Integration with Smartphone – Full access to contacts, messages and songs via Bluetooth

· Tuner: AM/FM/HD and Satellite Radio

· Media: CD, USB (2 ports) and SD Card. Compatible with iPod, iPad and other popular portable devices

· Supports subscription based services from OnStar for Safety, Security and Connectivity, Pandora for Internet Radio and Sirius XM for Satellite Radio and Data.

· Rear view camera display

· Rear Seat Entertainment

· Steering Wheel Control

· Stores up to 60 Presets for Music, Addresses, Points of Interest, Phone Numbers and System commands

· Onboard Natural Voice Recognition and Text to Speech Synthesis

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